Ego is a Nigerian singer and composer who goes by the name Nwakaego Ihenacho Ogbaro. She is best known as the lead singer of Lagbaja’s band Africano.

She was born in the state of Imo. “Konko Below,” “Nothing for You,” and “Never Far Away” are just a few of Ego’s big singles. She accompanied Lagbaja on several globe tours. In Lagos, Ego went to Central Primary School and Ikeja High School, GRA. At Ikeja High School, Ego was one of the best students. In 1991, she completed her senior year of high school.

Ego’s career progressed from being the sonorous and tranquil voice that accompanied Lagbaja’s husky one for 12 years, spawning songs like ‘Konko Below,’ ‘Nothing for you,’ and ‘Never far away,’ as well as embarking on international tours, to being a solo artist in 2007. Tosin Martins, Sunny Nneji, Djinee, Asa, Cobhams, and Yinka Davies are just a few of the renowned musicians with whom she has collaborated, after she formed her own band named “Indigo band”.

In 2011, she released the tune “I Believe,” which was accompanied by a video shot by Kemi Adetiba and was intended to address the violence that erupted in Jos City in 2010. ‘Bia Nulu’ was also released in 2020.

She became a Glo Ambassador in 2008, and has since headlined events and promos such as the Glo ‘Borrow Me Data’ campaign, as well as appearing on Ndani’s TV show in 2013.

During their time together, Lagbaja and Ego had incredible chemistry, and there were even rumors that they were dating at the time. However, she put those rumors to rest when she married her longtime boyfriend, Niyi Ogbaro, in 2009. Niyi Ogbaro, whom she affectionately refers to as her manager, is her husband.

She is claimed to be financially successful, making money both inside and outside of the music industry, but her net worth is unknown at this time.

Ego has received numerous awards from different organisations amongst which are:
• Kim Lawani’s Most Promising Female Act of the Year at the Fame Music Awards in 1998
• Best Vocal Performance (Female) at the Hip Hop World Awards in 2006


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