Charly Boy (also known as CB, His Royal Punkness, and Area Fada) is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, and producer who was born Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa on June 19, 1950. He is well renowned for his unconventional lifestyle, political opinions, and media ventures, most notably The Charly Boy Show, and is one of Nigeria’s most controversial celebrities. He is the second son of the late Supreme Court Justice Chukwudifu Oputa and was born into his family. Imo State is where he was born. Charly Boy is a cousin of Swedish artist Dr.Alban and was born into a Catholic family. According to him, he planned to become a priest but dropped out a year later. He relocated to the United States, where he attended college and earned a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Charly Boy debuted a highlife album in 1982, and his 1985 Polygram Nigeria release of Nwata Miss gave him even more popularity. The title of his most popular album, ‘1990,’ was a reference to Nigeria’s corrupt military regime, which was supposed to hand over power to civilians in that year (although civilian rule did not begin until 1999). Due to its contentious nature, the song caused numerous debates, and various radio stations refused to play it; yet, it went on to become one of the year’s best-selling albums.

In recent years, Charles has collaborated with his cousin, Dr.Alban, on a variety of projects.’Carolina’ and ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’ are two of the most popular songs. ‘Commercial Waste’ and ‘Work Work Africa’ were also recorded by the two. Charly Boy’s taste in make-up, relaxed and braided hairstyles, women’s clothing, and other feminine items has sparked debate among Nigerians. Some even believe he is homosexual.’The Charly Boy Show’ was Charly Boy’s most popular television series.’The Charly Boy Kiddies Show’ and ‘Zoom Time’ were two of his other shows. In 2011, he took over as a judge on ‘Nigerian Idol’ from Audu Maikori.
Charly Boy founded New Waves Productions in 2010 and is the publisher of The Charly Boy Magazine.

Charly boy also appeared in Kemi Adetiba’s popular film King of Boys, which helped him (Charly boy) gain notoriety.

Charly Boy is not gay, despite popular perception. Diane, an African-American vocalist and former fashion designer, has been his wife for almost thirty years. The pair has children together, and Charly Boy, who has previously been married, has children from previous relationships.
Charly Boy is one of Nigeria’s most well-known veteran performers. He also owns and operates several enterprises.

His net worth is believed to be $1 million.
Charley boy’s songs include:
Obodo Giri Giri
Nwata Miss
Work Work Africa
Commercial Waste


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