Lanre Dabiri (eLDee) was born in Kaduna, Nigeria’s northern geopolitical zone, on the 23rd of May 1977. He was born on the island of Lagos in Nigeria’s Lagos State. Before moving to Lagos for his higher education, he went to Command Children School in Kaduna and Essence International School. He graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, with a master’s degree in architecture in 2001.
elDee is one of the major member of the “Trybesmen goup”. With tracks like ‘Plenty Nonsense,’ ‘Shake Bodi,’ and ‘Trybal Marks,’ Trybesmen established themselves as Nigeria’s foremost hip hop act in 1999. The trio played to sold-out crowds across Nigeria and beyond, dominating playlists from Lagos to Abuja and enthralling rap fans with their multilingual flow, fascinating subjects, and odd videos.

Trybesmen’s debut album, ‘L.A.G.Style,’ was released shortly after, and was a huge hit and still considered a cult classic. With over 78 sold-out shows in a single year, it’s no surprise that Trybesmen became a force to be reckoned with across West Africa.

Following that, they disbanded, with each member pursuing their own interests. eLDee came up with the moniker ‘Da Trybe’ after a collaboration of all the musicians on the label. In 2002, they released the singles ‘Work it out’ and ‘Oya,’ and in 2005, they released the album ‘BIG Picture.’

Eldee immigrated to the United States in 2002 to pursue a job as an information technology consultant. In 2004, eLDee released a solo album named ‘Long Time Coming,’ followed by ‘Return of the King,’ in 2006. He received numerous nominations and accolades for both videos and tracks from the subsequent album, including the Nigerian Entertainment Award for ‘Best InternationalAlbum. ‘
‘Big Boy,’ which was initially titled ‘Evolution,’ was his third album, published in 2008. The album ‘Big Boy’ was nominated for 17 awards, including best video, best album, best cinematography, hottest single, best album, best artist, and a 2009 MOBO award nomination for ‘Best African artist. ‘

In 2010, eLDee released ‘Is it your money Vol.1’, their fourth album, and in 2012, ‘Undeniable,’ the fifth album. His personal hits like “I go yarn,” a song lamenting the situation in Nigeria, a topic most artists are known to avoid, stressing the disparity between life in developed countries and life in developing countries, have been featured on numerous international radio stations in Europe, Asia, and the United States. ‘Champion,’ ‘African Chiquito,’ and ‘Bosi Gbangba’ have all been played on radio stations across the globe.

eLDee’s clients include CNN, D3 Publishing, Hines, Accenture, Andersen, Kimberly Clark, Naruto, Primedia, NBA, UPS, Cartoon Network, Consumer Source, and Warner Bros., to mention a few.

Dolapo Latinwo-Bello, eLDee’s long-term companion, and the couple’s two daughters, Temi and Toke, are their children.

Since 2002, he has worked as an IT Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. elDee is a well-known Nigerian singer, producer, and information technology consultant.
He is worth $700,000 according to his estimated net worth.
elDee’s Awards and Nominations:
“Bosi Gbangba” and “Big Boy” are among the album’s big hits. The Big Boy album was nominated for 17 awards, including best video, best album, best cinematography, hottest single, best album, best artist, and the 2009 MOBO award for “Best African artist. ”
In 2012, he received the headies award for “Best Conscious Song of the Year” as well as several other honors.
elDee had recorded and released several songs, they are listed below:
2004: Long Time Coming
2006: Return of the King
2008: Big Boy
2010: Is It Your Money
2012: Undeniable
2000: L.A.G Style by Trybesmen
2004: The Big Picture (Trybe Records Album)
2009: The Champion: The Hits


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