Ebenezer Remilekun Aremu Olasupo Obey-Fabiyi, MFR (Ebenezer Obey, often known as the Chief Commander) is a Nigerian jùju musician based in Idogo, Nigeria. He was born on April 3, 1942, to a family of Egba–Yoruba descent. He belongs to the Egba’s Owu subgroup. Obey is of Egba-Yoruba ethnicity and was born in Idogo, Ogun State, Nigeria. His musical talent was cultivated while he was a student at Methodist Primary School. He was the lead vocalist on the Ifelodun Mambo Orchestra, which was founded by the youngsters of the Idogo community, and he did a lot of acting as a kid.

Ebenezer’s professional career began in the mid-1950s, when he relocated to Lagos after being educated by the Fatai Rolling-Dollars band. Known for modernizing Juju’s sound by incorporating Yoruba drumming’s funkiness, more Western-style guitars and drum kits, and several talking drums, which was unlike anything else being done at the time.

With a long list of Juju album hits under the West African Decca musical label, he formed his own band, The International Brothers, in 1964, which later metamorphosed into Inter-Reformers in the early 1970s. They excelled in praise singing for rich Nigerian socialites and business tycoons, and they had a long list of Juju album hits under the West African Decca musical label. ‘Ewa W’oun Ojumi Ri’ was a hit record, as was ‘Olomi Gbo Temi (My Dearest Wife Listen to Me),’ which was his debut single. In 1968, he recorded the song ‘Omo wan n’re soja a fe sokun,’ which translates ‘We are grieving because our sons are going to war,’ in an attempt to console families whose sons were being drafted into the army as a result of the Biafran conflict.

Obey’s song ‘Current Affairs’ received international popularity in 1980, and he resigned to the Nigerian gospel music ministry in the 1990s. He has published over one hundred albums since his debut in the music industry.

He established the Ebenezer Obey Music Foundation Scholarship Scheme (EOMFSS) to provide scholarships to deserving indigenes and music students at various Tertiary institutions. Decross International Ministries’ General Overseer was him.

In 1963, Obey married Juliana Olaide Olufade. Lady Evangelist Juliana Obey-Fabiyi, his wife, died on August 23, 2011, at the age of 67, at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. They have a large family, including children and grandchildren.

Obey’s net worth is unknown, however it is estimated to be in the $1 million range.
Ebenezer Obey had released a lot of songs, few of the songs are;
• Ewa Wo Ohun Ojuri
• Aiye Gba Jeje
• Ifelodun
• Orin Adura
• Awolowo Babawa Tide
• Oluwa Niagbara Emi Mi
• Palongo
• Teti Ko Gboro Kan
• Oro Miko Lenso
• Orin Ajinde
• Iyawo Ti Mo Ko Fe
• Gbeja Mi Eledumare
• Satisfaction
• Providence
• Aimasiko
• Immortality
• Victory
• Patience
• Determination
• Vanity
• Formula 0-1-0
• Get Yer Jujus Out
• Count Your Blessing
• On the Rock
• Womanhood
• Good News
• I Am a Winner
• Walking Over
• The Legend
• Millennial Blessings
• Promised Land
• Ase Oluwa


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