Mike Abayomi Bamiloye is a Nigerian film actor, dramatist, producer, and director. Mike Bamiloye was born on April 13, 1960, in Ilesa, an Osun State, Southwestern Nigeria, but he is from Ijebu-Ijesa. When he was four years old, he lost his mother. Pst. Mrs Felicia Adepeju Adesiyan; his elder sister, took care of him till he was old enough to take care of himself.

He began his career at Ipetumodu’s Divisional Teachers’ Training College.
Mount Zion was formed by Mike Bamiloye on August 5, 1985. Hell in Conference, Mike Bamiloye’s debut drama, was produced at the National Christian Teachers Conference in Ilesa, Osun State, in 1986. Over the years, he has been in, produced, and directed a number of Nigerian gospel films.

After completing his education at Ipetumodu Teachers Training College in Osun State, he founded Mount Zion on August 5, 1985, which will mark 35 years on August 5, 2020. His stage drama “Hell in Conference” was performed at the National Christian Teachers Conference in Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria in 1986. His Mount Zion TV was the first Christian cinema station in Nigeria.Over the years, he has appeared in, produced, and directed a number of Nigerian films.

Mount Zion Faith Ministries International is a full-time drama and film production ministry based in Ibadan, Nigeria. Mount Zion Faith Ministries began as Mount Zion Christian Productions on August 5, 1985. Evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye had a burden and passion to evangelize the world through play and film productions. Mike Bamiloye and Gloria Obembe (now Gloria Bamiloye) joined the ministry on the day it was created, as did another sister, Grace Adeyemi (now Grace Femi-Akintunde). The Sisters were students at Ilesha College of Education in Osun State, Nigeria, at the time. Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the Ministry’s President, was also a student at the Institution, but had graduated two years earlier.

Mount Zion Faith Ministries Int’l Nigeria is made up of Mount Zion Film Productions, Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, Mount Zion Television Productions, and Mount Zion Publications. Its mission is to evangelize the world and edify the church through the presentation of evangelical drama and the production of inspiring and anointed films.

He has children with his wife, Gloria Bamiloye, a Nigerian actress and evangelist. Damilola, Joshua and Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye are their children.

Mike and Gloria Bamiloye have won numerous accolades and recognition for their contributions to ministry’s well-being, including the following:
• The Drama prize at the 2015 Lagos Applause Achievers Awards
• City People Movie Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017
• The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana, 2019 Award of Excellence.

Mike Bamiloye’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.
Mike Bamiloye has produced and featured in several movies like;
The Haunting Shadows 1
The Haunting Shadows 2
The Haunting Shadows 3
Agbara nla
One Careless Night 1-5
The Forgotten Ones 1-4
The Ultimate Power 1-4
The Foundation
Broken Pitchers
Wounded Heart
Captive of the Mighty
Asise Nla
Apoti Eri
The Gods Are Dead
Abejoye 1 & 2


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